Thermiva Patient Testimonials

I am 48 years old + have 4 children and in 2014 had breast cancer.  I found my body changed completely from childbirth & then treatment + medicatiion. I am extremely active, go to the gym regularly & also like to run. When excercising I was prone to leaking or felt like id have to go to the loo. I needed to do something but was reluctant to have more surgery so decided to give Thermiva a try. It has changed my life completely. From the very first session I noticed a considerable difference. I dont leak when excercising & have more control over my bladder. The overall appearance of my vagina has changed and everything has definetely tightened up.

Annette, Cork
07 Jul 2017

At 45,I was embarrassed that when I was excercising or during sexual intercourse I had limited control of my bladder.Following my 1st session of Thermiva,the results were instant.I no longer need to were protection pads while exercising. Visually it looks better and my partner and I both feel the added effect it has.I had 3 sessions in total and the procedure was quick with no side effects.A wonderful new option,that I would highly recommend.

Fiona, Galway
07 Jul 2017

Since having my children in 1995 and 1999 I've suffered with lack of control of my bladder during exercising from walking , running and the gym . I also had issues with making it to the toilet on time first thing in the morning. Since having my thermiva session that has all changed, the results were instant no more worrying about leakage. The treatment itself is painless and I felt very relaxed during each session,It has changed my life. I couldn't recommend thermiva more highly.

Hilary, Dublin
23 Aug 2017

93% of women treated notice an improvement in symptoms of vaginal laxity and improved sexual satisfaction ratings.
After 3 treatments these effects are sustained on one year follow up.

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